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Solar Panels Vs. Hurricanes

satellite view of a hurricane covering the southeastern part of the United States

In areas such as Florida, where torrential rains and strong winds are inevitable every year, hurricanes can cause panic, making you second guess the durability of outdoor paraphernalia. Wind storms often reach 160 miles per hour. And these natural disasters mean hurricane damage to your outer gear, such as solar panels. Therefore, you must see that your house is ready to withstand the high winds.   

But do solar panels work in hurricanes? Or are they durable enough to withstand the hurricane season? There are a lot of misconceptions. Let’s talk about them. 

Solar panels stop working during a hurricane

Contrary to what you might have expected, solar panels don’t stop working during a hurricane. 

As long as some sunlight reaches them, they will continue to convert sunlight into electricity. Paired with Solcium Solar’s battery solutions, you can expect power in your house, even if your entire neighborhood plunges into darkness due to rain, thunderstorms, or a hurricane. 

 Solar panels cannot withstand strong winds 

We’re not sure what wind this rumor blew in on, but there’s to truth to this claim.

Solar Panels are strong enough to resist the force of strong winds and storms. Their design and installation consider the local wind patterns, and their components are tested against strong winds in that area. In some areas, solar panels are built to resist 160-mph or stronger winds. 

Solcium Solar uses mechanical flashing techniques and equipment that is approved by the Miami-Dade County hurricane rating system. 

Solar panels cannot resist hail storm

Not all hurricanes accompany hails, but the possibility of it exists. However, it is a misconception that hails would crack your solar panels.

We know the concerns in your mind: solar panels are made of glass, and the surface would break when hail storm hits them, right? 

Yes, they are made with glass, but not ordinary glass! 

The glass used for making solar cells is one of the toughest. No wonder it does not break! 

There is actual testing done to check the strength of your solar against a hail storm to ensure that it is wise to have solar panels on the rooftop. The manufacturers will have to get Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) certification to show that the solar panels have undergone testing. 

One of the recent examples of a solar panel withstanding a hurricane is when Puerto Rico faced two CAT 5 hurricanes (180 mph wind speeds). Cell phone towers were damaged, and approximately 80% of power lines fell. And everything except the Veterans Affairs hospital equipped with solar panels plunged into complete darkness. 

Solcium Solar uses glass with class – class rating against impact damage that is. 

What makes solar panels resistant to hurricanes?

The installation of solar panels makes them durable and resistant to strong winds. During fitting, they are mounted on brackets and a rack-like system. Long bolts are used to attack these brackets on roof rafters. Even though the space between the roof and the solar panels can cause wind uplift, the structural support provided by the brackets is strong enough to brace the panels against the force of the wind. Additionally, solar panels are made with a material that is water-resistant and shatter-proof, even in extreme weather conditions. In one study, 262 miles per hour hailstone impacted the solar panel, but it could not break it!


Residents of areas prone to hurricanes need solar panels as much as others to power their houses. With the above article, we hope to clarify your misconceptions. So, opt for solar panels to reduce your electricity bills and be gentle with your environment. 

In the threat of a hurricane, Solcium Solar’s expertise and quality workmanship ensures you that your solar panels will be the last thing you’ll need to worry about. Contact us today to learn more about retrofitting your home with a solar system and battery solutions to power your home safely during an outage. 


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