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Optimal Design: Creating Solar Energy Systems

Solcium Solar team discussing the design of a solar energy system while standing over plans and drawings of the system.

Design is a crucial element of any home – from the site selection, to the blueprints, to the fixture selections. Everything combined lends to the overall functionality and stability of a home. It is no different for creating a solar energy system that not only produces efficiently but lends itself to the overall aesthetics of a property.

At Solcium Solar, we work with property owners to ensure that their solar energy system is everything it ought to be: functional and favorable. Our team of solar experts use the industry’s best software to create a design that checks all of the boxes and offers the best solutions at the best price.

Several Factors that Go into the Perfect Solar Energy System Design

  1. Sun exposure – ensuring that the placement of solar panels capture the most amount of solar exposure possible.
  2. Municipality regulations – each local municipality sets the easement and other regulations that solar installers must comply with. Solcium Solar collaborates with each municipality to guarantee a passing inspection.
  3. Goals and expectations – Solcium Solar conducts a thorough discovery consultation with each property owner to ensure that their goals and expectations are met.
  4. Roof real estate – Solcium Solar determines the real estate offered by the roof size and designs a system that gets the biggest bang for the property owner’s buck.

Solcium Solar puts a lot of thought and expertise behind every solar system design. Together with the property owner, Solcium follows the following solar process to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their system:

  1. An educational consultation is conducted with property owners to determine their needs, wants and expectations from installing a solar system with Solcium Solar. Every aspect is taken into consideration when creating a custom design that is tailored to the information discussed during the discovery process.
  2. From there, our solar energy consultants will review average energy consumption and determine the amount of panels required to offset energy costs. This is where Solcium Solar differs from other companies: our commitment to our customers is to design the optimal system, not over- or underselling a system.
  3. Our solar energy consultants will diligently enter in all of the appropriate information into our industry-leading engineering software, where the design is triple-checked for quality, production and regulations.
  4. Our knowledgeable site surveyors will conduct an inspection of each home, take precise measurements and work within the parameters of the appropriate municipality defined easements. They will then ensure that the design meets all of the requirements from an engineering perspective and the expectations of the property owner.
  5. Once the design is signed off by a site surveyor and engineer, representatives from Customer Experience, Operations, Permitting and Installation teams will review the plans to make sure it is up to the Solcium standard and customer expectations.
  6. Once all parties have given it the Solcium stamp of approval, the project moves to permitting and installation.

Solcium Solar takes great pride in designing top-notch solar systems for our customers. Backed by our Production Guarantee, our systems will meet all energy expectations or we pay the difference in cash. By choosing to go solar with Solcium, you’re not only securing monthly savings each month, you’re securing a lifelong partnership with a company that genuinely cares for their customers’ satisfaction.

When Discussing a Solar Energy System with an Installer, Here are Some Things Property Owners Should Consider

  • Are aesthetics important?
    • Meaning: make sure to communicate any preferences on if the panels are hidden or seen from the frontside of the home? By communicating this upfront the consultant can determine if the preferred placement will alter energy production.
  • What are the ultimate goals of going solar?
    • Meaning: communicate if the goal is to be able to increase energy consumption without increasing costs, or to save money on current consumption, or if the goal is more about protecting the environment. This will help the solar consultant determine the perfect set up.
  • What are some future plans – expansions / additions?
    • Meaning: make sure to communicate any plans for adding pools, power-consuming appliances, additions to the property’s footprint, electric vehicles, etc.

Solcium Solar is here to ensure that property owners get the most out of their solar systems by offering the best designs and top-notch installations for the best price. Reach out to Solcium Solar to discover what solar can do for you with a free, no obligation consultation.


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