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Under the Solcium Solar extended warranty, we have you covered. No other warranty compares to our guarantee that accompanies your solar system.


Green-Friendly Financing

Offering state-sponsored financing, Solcium will get you approved for $0 out of pocket

NABCEP & ETA Accredited

Leading the charge in solar expertise, our team is nationally accredited

Raising the Roof on Service

Solcium can assist with the replacement of your roof under one loan

Active System Monitoring

We'll keep an eye on the productivity of your system & address any issues

Tesla Solar Certified

Bringing you the industry's best options as a certified Tesla installer

Dedicated Customer Service

Offering personalized service, your dedicated rep is ready to help


Solar photovoltaic panels on a house roof. Solar photovoltaic panels on a house roof for providing sustainable alternative energy from natural resources


Take power into your own hands by installing solar for your home.

New carport with semi transparent photovoltaik moduls


Raise the roof on commercial profits by going green with your business.

Tesla Powerwall


Take charge in becoming more energy independent with battery backups.

Electric car charging at charging station outdoors, closeup on power plug cord connected to charging port.


Hit the brakes on extreme gas prices with EV charging solutions.

Based on 38 reviews
Brody Fontaine
Brody Fontaine
September 19, 2022.
Mand, our sales rep, made the details of the system easy, simple, and clear to understand. We got information from another company that my mother-in-law was working with and they offered us a smaller system for more money, whereas Solcium supplied not only a larger system for a smaller price, but they also provided more warranties that covered power production, roof penetrations, and the system itself. The best benefit of this company is how fast they move, after we signed we were installed within a week, and it looks great. My mother-in-law started a month and a half before we did and just started on their installation, whereas we have our system installed and are already saving money. The only time we were waiting was when we were waiting for the utility company and Solcium had good communication and consistently called me to keep me up to date on the entire process. The monitoring for the system is very easy to navigate, and this is coming from someone who is not very tech-savvy so the simplicity is great. I would recommend Solcium to others and do it all again.
Raul Millan
Raul Millan
September 17, 2022.
I got in touch with Solcium through their email and they sent their sales rep Thomas, He was phenomenal. I spoke with 10 companies, and I went with Solcium because he was polite, considerate, straightforward, and honest. When he showed up, I was on a walk with my wife and he insisted I finish up my walk before meeting, he didn’t mind waiting at all. He showed us exactly how the system would work, what it would produce, and was incredibly professional. He never over promised but over delivered. He was my advocate throughout this whole process, and I could always rely on him. I never had to wait for a response from him, it was immediately answered, or he would respond “I will call you in five minutes” and it never failed. Many of my neighbors have solar and I can see such a difference in the quality and the neatness of the installation. Their install team was kind, efficient, and didn’t leave any kind of mess. The guarantees offered by Solcium are incredible since they have 30-year warranties on roof penetrations, power production, and the equipment. They also offer the system removal and reinstallation when we are ready to replace our roof. No company came close on what they provided.
robert skeel
robert skeel
September 16, 2022.
We heard about Solcium from a friend of ours who worked in Solar but sent us to Solcium since he knew about their work. Communication has been extremely easy; everyone seems eager to help us understand the whole process and has been incredibly upfront and informative. With our monitoring it has set our mind at ease seeing our production at any given time so we know that the system is doing what Solcium said it would and everything we were told in our initial consultation truly has been what we are receiving. Their problem solving has always been offered immediately and we can see that they care. We were very pleased with the installers since they were timely, polite, and cleaned up after themselves. Overall, it’s been a smooth, informative, and professional experience.
Cesar Lopez
Cesar Lopez
September 14, 2022.
Solcium has been amazing! Beginning with my sales rep, Mike, he made everything incredibly simple for me and showed me exactly how I would be saving money in addition to going green! The customer service staff were always available, quick to respond to me, and made sure I was always taken care of. What was incredible was being able to get the system up within 2 weeks. My neighbors and friends have already been inquiring about solar and I have nothing but great things to say. My system is producing exactly what I was told it was going to and I am already saving money!
Cecil Buckner
Cecil Buckner
September 12, 2022.
Shawn was incredibly informative. I checked into other systems, and he was able to clearly educate us and even my brother who is in the business recommended us as the best choice for us. They took care of everything from start to finish, sales, permitting, install, and getting hooked up with our utility was all in house.  I was grateful to have the technician come out and help us make sure I could effectively monitor my system and know everything about our system. Overall, we were very satisfied with our experience. I’m looking forward to saving money from here on out.
Rose Marks-Cooke
Rose Marks-Cooke
September 11, 2022.
I've had a great experience with Solcium, their customer care has been fantastic, we feel like they communicated with us throughout the whole process. Ryan, my sales rep, was very professional and spoke clearly about the expectations of going solar and was always available for my questions. He did a great job educating us on how solar is able to save us money and how the system works. They sent out their technician to help educate us on our monitoring and verify everything was working correctly after getting the system hooked up to the grid. We have already started talking with our family and friends encouraging them to look into going solar!
Dominic Hayhurst
Dominic Hayhurst
September 7, 2022.
Something that sets Solcium apart is I was able to sit with them within a day of setting the appointment, on Sunday no less, which most companies do not offer and I was able to install the following week. Whereas other companies I had to wait weeks before hearing back. I found it impressive that the government was providing the incentive with such a low interest rate and not having to wait several years to start seeing our savings, we just had our system turned on and will start seeing our savings now which is exciting. I loved that I was able to reach customer service at any time and provided quick replies and are always more than happy to help. The install team was pleasant and informative, as an engineer being able to talk to Steve who was doing our electrical work was pleasant. I have already recommended it to my neighbors after my experience with Solcium and I hope they will be joining me in going solar.
jason may
jason may
September 1, 2022.
A1 company top to bottom
Eric Ruediger
Eric Ruediger
June 8, 2022.
Ive been open to the idea of solar and i was concerned about costs with being able to transition to solar, Sally came to my door and told me i can see 30-40% on my savings so i gave it a chance cause she caught me on a good day, i sat down with solicium and they showed me the savings and how i can get solar with 0 money out of pocket. My expectations were exceeded with this company And It feels good supporting a small business. My sales rep shawn was very informative about Solar. Very friendly and knowledgeable representative of the company. I am very happy with my experience with Solcium 5 out of 5 would recommend working with this company.
Dianoris Colon
Dianoris Colon
May 23, 2022.
Marco was great, he was our sales rep and ended up feeling like friends before he left. We decided to go solar because of our high electric bill, and going from a high bill to almost half was enough to convince us to go solar. We ended up choosing Solcium after other solar companies stopped communicating with us. From contract to closing Solcium got my system installed within 4 weeks. I am excited to get a battery or generator down the line with Solcium and cant wait to see the decrease in my bills!



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