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Keeping it Clean: How to Maintain Your Solar Panels

A brush with water glides across an array of solar panels as it gently cleans off the debris and pollen that is visible on some of the panels.

It’s inevitable – anything that resides outside will eventually get dirty. Taking pride in the appearance and cleanliness of your home comes with the territory of being a homeowner. For those who have solar, they’ll be excited to know that installing solar panels doesn’t add an exuberant amount of additional solar panel maintenance costs to the running total of homeownership.

For the most part, once solar panels are installed, they take care of themselves. Systems are designed to operate for 30+ years, so they are built to last and designed to be self-cleaning. That doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate a little love though! Manufacturers recommend that panels be cleaned twice a year. Studies have shown that cleaning your solar panels at least once a year can improve your energy production by 12% compared to panels that are left to their own self-cleaning through rainfall.

While rainwater can gently clear basic dirt, dust and other debris, it can also cause the same to accumulate in corners and on the mechanics. Routine solar panel maintenance is simple and cheap.

Here are some of Solcium Solar’s tips for cleaning your panels:

  1. Keep it simple: avoid using any harsh chemicals or solutions. In fact, a garden hose with a soft cloth is recommended as cleaning solvents may coat the panels and end up attracting more dirt.
  2. Keep it biodegradable: if a cleaning solution is needed for some thicker grime, stick to a soft cleaner that is biodegradable.
  3. Morning is best: work smarter, not harder. Morning dew settles on panels overnight, making it easier to wipe off any settled dirt or dust before it dries. Additionally, it is typically cooler in the morning sun.
  4. Skip the scrubber: never use a harsh scrubbing brush or sponge as they may scratch the panels. Solcium panels have a proprietary protective coating that enhances their performance, harsh scrubbers could dull the protection.
  5. Beware of the back: never clean the backside of panels where electrical components are housed. The cleanliness of the back does not impact the performance of a panel, but cleaning it can result in expensive repairs to the inverter and/or other electrical components of the system.
  6. But sneak a peek: while they shouldn’t be cleaned, it is a great time to inspect (by eyesight only) the underside of panels to keep an eye on corrosion, disconnection or loose parts along the electrical and mechanical components of your system. We never recommend poking, prodding or handling any of these components and report any concerns to Solcium Solar.
  7. Safety first: if the panels cannot be reached with an extension pole and only accessible from the roof, homeowners should take precautions to secure their footing and safety.

Keeping panels clean extends longevity and maximizes productivity; however, sometimes panels may require more than a gentle clean to keep them running up to par. Luckily, Solcium Solar’s active monitoring system and production guarantee keeps the homeowner’s best interest at heart. If the system seems to be falling behind on energy production or if a panel appears to be offline, Solcium Solar will send a technician out to inspect the system panels, wiring and inverters.

While routine solar panel maintenance is easy to manage, Solcium Solar is happy to assist in connecting homeowners with our preferred partner for those who would prefer the cleaning to be handled by a professional.

Clean up at the bank with monthly savings from going solar with a system from Solcium Solar. With dedicated customer experience representatives, Solcium Solar keeps homeowner’s investments running smoothly from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more about what solar can do for you.


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