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Homeowners Ask: Is Solar Right for Us?

is solar right for us checklist

Embarking upon a solar journey can seem daunting, but Solcium Solar is dedicated to offering their customers the knowledge to make an educated decision based on their needs. 

Developing a home’s unique solar design should be left to the professionals, but there are things a homeowner can do to understand if their home is a good candidate for solar.

Here’s a checklist homeowners can reference when embarking upon their journey:

  • Consider the goal: knowing what the end goal is will direct the decision-making process. Some goals could include: saving monthly, offsetting bills completely, helping the environment, increasing the property value, utilizing battery back-up. 
  • Evaluate utility bills: researching the average monthly consumption and understanding monthly charges will lend a deeper understanding of how the home currently performs and the costs associated with utilities, paying attention to administrative costs and utility rate percentages over the last year. Homeowners who have a utility bill of $75 or higher are typically great candidates for solar. 
  • Note the home’s orientation: while southern-facing homes with solar perform better, it is worthy of noting as a deciding factor but alternate orientations should not be discounted. A professional can lend a tailored suggestion for the design to maximize the sun’s exposure. 
  • Consider the local environment: homeowners should ensure that the solar installer of their choice uses certified panels for their region’s environment. For example, if the home is in an environment at risk of hurricanes, the homeowner should look for Miami-Dade rated panels. 
  • Take Solcium’s Solar Survey: homeowners can take this survey to obtain an individualized, no-hassle report of their home’s solar capabilities from Solcium Solar. Find the survey here:

Gathering important information before scheduling a free energy consultation with Solcium Solar will allow homeowners to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and of the solar journey so they can make an unbiased decision. 

The Solcium Solar difference offers homeowners a trusted resource while offering the industry’s best warranties, best prices, best practices and best partnership for the life of their solar system. 

Contact Solcium Solar today to learn more about taking the first step towards energy independence!


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