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Is Solar Right for Business?

Commercial solar infographic outlining the benefits of commercial solar and explaining why solar is right for business.

The short answer is – ABSOLUTELY. Adding a solar system to a business has a plethora of benefits. Here’s some illuminating information regarding solar for business…

There are many reasons why commercial properties are seeking solar as part of their strategic plan.

  1. CSR GOALS: Businesses can lean into their corporate social responsibility and ESG, advertising their commitment to the environment & the future.
  2. INCREASE PROFITS: Businesses can decrease their monthly electrical expenses, ultimately increasing their profits.
  3. INCREASE BUSINESS VALUE: Commercial properties with a solar system have an increased business value. Example: if a business spends $12,000 on annual electrical expenses, you can multiply that by 8 (an example of the value multiple) for an additional value of $96,000.
  4. INCREASE REAL ESTATE VALUE: Business owners with renewable energy see an increase in real estate value as well. While business value takes into account the operational value of an entity, the real estate value consists of the building and land appraisals. A solar system increases the interest of prospective investors due to its ROI potentials.
  5. TAX BENEFITS: By installing a solar system, businesses can ease their tax burden and capture 30% in additional tax credits available from the Federal government.
  6. DEPRECIATION BENEFITS: Entrepreneurs can take advantage of accelerated and bonus depreciation at the Federal level as well as depreciation benefits at the State level.

Studies show that consumers are spending more conscientiously, leaning towards supporting businesses that adopt social responsibility over those that do not. Business owners can expand their market through environmentally-friendly practices that create brand loyalty, as well as increase their bottom line.

In the world of business, there are many things that an Entrepreneur has to worry about.  By obtaining and operating off of a renewable energy source, businesses can achieve LEED certification, save on monthly expenses and capture additional tax credits.

Solcium Solar has a dedicated commercial development team with an extensive background in property management and real estate. This team helps business owners raise the roof on ROI by bringing together EPC’s, lenders, off takers and construction management. Solcium Solar means business when it comes to our partnerships.

Let Solcium’s expert team demonstrate how to eliminate the top concerns through the utilization of renewable energy, energizing the bottom line for business owners.

Solcium Solar's commercial solar developer, Jordan Gritter.

Contact our Commercial Solar Developer for more information: Jordan Gritter (

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