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We Salute You: Celebrating Veterans

Veterans Day 2022 graphic honoring veterans for their sacrifice and loyalty to the United States of America.

Veterans Day is annually observed on November 11th, which falls on a Friday in 2022. At Solcium Solar, we take pride in our diverse workforce of unique, innovative individuals who make our company shine.

As a proud member of several veteran recruitment programs, we are honored to have heroes among us. 

One employee in particular, Bryson Apple, brightens the work week with his impeccable work ethic and contributions to the culture.

Solcium Solar lead electrician, bryson apple, poses in front of a Solcium fleet vehicle to celebrate Veterans Day. 

Bryson Apple joined the Army in December 2015 where he was stationed at Fort Lewis in Washington State. Quickly catching on to his potential, the Army signed Bryson onto a second contract and relocated him to Fort Stewart in George, where he was promoted to Sergeant. 

After honorably fulfilling his duty to this country, Bryson started evaluating his next move. It was through the Army’s transition services that guided him towards exploring a career in renewable energy. Bryson quickly found interest in solar and successfully completed a two-month trade development program geared towards cell, wind turbines and solar renewables. 

After graduation, Bryson started his career off at the nation’s largest solar installation company; however, the situation felt “off”. According to Bryson, he felt as if he was a number, a quota filled, rather than the valuable team player that he is. 

This frustration eventually led his journey to Solcium Solar in July of 2021. Leadership at Solcium were excited to welcome Bryson to the team and quickly realized that his skill, determination and interest were exactly what they were looking for. Bryson joined the team in an entry-level groundsman position; however, his performance and desire to develop his skills led to two promotions within a few months of hire. 

Bryson Apple is now the lead electrician for Solcium Solar and was awarded the inaugural “Illuminated Individual” recognition award in 2021. He accredits his military experience to his leadership skills, accountability and ability to own your responsibilities to get the job done. 

Solcium Solar's lead electrician and US Army Veteran, Bryson Apple, works on installing conduit for an inverter on the side of a house.

When asked what he was most proud of for his service to his country, Bryson answered, “I am most proud of the opportunity to provide a sense of protection and security for my family, friends, and those around me.” When asked about his time at Solcium, Bryson stated that he is most excited about the opportunity to be a builder within the team, the ability to come together as an organization to build our reputation, culture, and the potential to grow within the company, contributing to its success. 

The entire team at Solcium Solar is grateful for Bryson’s service to our country and his contribution to the organization. We think the future looks bright with him on the team!

If you would like to recognize and honor our soldiers this Veterans Day, here are some ways to do so:

  1. Get with your local VA on ways you can volunteer or visit. 
  2. Organize a care package party. Some examples of programs that are available for the public is the Red Cross’ Holiday for Heroes program.
  3. Support your local veteran-owned businesses. To locate them, contact your regional Chamber of Commerce and ask. 
  4. Show gratitude to your friends and family who are veterans through a card, home cooked meal or a simple thank you.
  5. Wear a red poppy. Contact your local American Legion to purchase a poppy that is handmade by veterans with proceeds benefiting rehabilitation and hospital bills. 
  6. Educate the children in your home about the significance of this holiday and its meaning. 
  7. Participate in your hometown’s Veterans Day parade. You can typically find this information on your city’s government website. 

In celebration of Veteran’s Day, Solcium Solar would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our men and women of service for their dedication and sacrifice. 


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