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solar panels installed on the roof of a sanford, florida home

At Solcium Solar, we are more than just a solar company in Sanford, we are a passionate group of empowered employees and entrepreneurs dedicated to your solar journey. Our team has over 15 years of solar experience serving the homes and businesses in Sanford and throughout the Central Florida area. We’re proud to call Sanford, Florida our home, with our corporate office and warehouse headquartered in the historic downtown district near shopping, restaurants, and our friendly Sanford neighbors.

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Solcium Solar is a Tesla Solar Certified Installer as well as NABCEP Accredited which is the most prestigious accreditation that a PV installation company can earn in the renewable energy industry. This accreditation means our team has met the highest standards set forth for solar installs, staff training, safety, and accountability. We never use sub-contractors for the solar panel installation on your Sanford home, offer $0 money down financing, and we’ll match competitor’s quotes, backed by our superior warranty.


Solcium Solar offers the best solar warranty not only in Sanford, but across the US. This warranty includes:

  • 30 Year Power Production Guarantee – Your solar system will produce what we quoted, or we’ll pay the difference   
  • 30 Year Warranty on roof penetrations, workmanship, and solar equipment 
  • One free removal / reinstall during the life of the solar panel system

Visit the Solcium Difference for more on what sets us apart from the rest!


As a solar company headquartered in Sanford, we are actively involved in our beautiful city. You will find our team sponsoring and participating in a variety of Sanford events including Sanford Porchfest, Pints n’ Paws, and Sofa and Suds just to name a few. Solcium is proud to be involved in grassroot efforts to bring green initiatives to our hometown including spearheading an Eco-Sustainability Committee and leading the charge on commercial projects with fellow entrepreneurs. In fact, we love Sanford so much that many members of our team have chosen to reside in Sanford as well.

members of the Solcium Solar team seated around a couch at the Sofa N Suds community event in downtown Sanford, Florida
iconic clock tower located in the center of historic downtown Sanford, Florida


Solar panels are made of silicon photovoltaic (PV) cells. As the sun’s rays hit the cells, the solar panels absorb these rays and produce electricity. This electricity creates DC (Direct Current) which cannot power the house directly, therefore an inverter is used to convert from DC to AC (Alternating Current). AC can power everything in your house from your lights, TV, fridge, and so much more.

Still have questions? Not to worry, Solcium’s expert solar consultants are here to explain the solar process and products in detail, so you have a better understanding of your investment.


By installing solar panels on your home, you are instantly increasing your home’s value. In fact, Sanford homeowners see more than a 4% increase in home value on average after installing solar. On the current average price of a Sanford home, that’s nearly a $16,000  increase, not to mention the monthly savings. Our team will go over the cost and value comparisons of your Sanford solar installation during your initial consultation and when you receive your quote.


Did you know there are currently tax benefits for Floridians installing solar panels? These options to save more money on your solar investment, whether on a federal or state level, are available to you as a Sanford homeowner. The Florida Solar System Property Tax Exemption includes a 100% exemption for primary Sanford homeowners and 80% for secondary property owners (winter home, vacation home, rental property, etc.). This means the state and county cannot tax you more on the increased value of the solar panels that were installed on your home. Another tax credit called the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) provides a 26% credit on purchased home solar systems that are installed by the end of 2022. These tax credits can and will change, but you can count on Solcium Solar to be up to date on the latest opportunities to save you money while going solar.


Whether you are familiar with solar energy or just exploring the options for your Sanford home, Solcium Solar can provide you with the information you need to make the right decision for your investment. 

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