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Located just 42 miles from Orlando on the East Central Florida coast is Daytona Beach. As a top beach destination in Florida, the area is known for the creation of NASCAR, home to the Daytona International Speedway, as well as the headquarters of the LPGA, several museums, and the Daytona Beach Symphony. As you might have guessed, very few places in the state of Florida receive as much sunshine as Daytona Beach, making it the perfect location to convert your home or commercial property to solar energy.

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What is Solar Energy

Solar energy is the radiant light and heat generated from the sun that is absorbed using large, solar panels made of photovoltaic cells (PV). The solar panels then channel the energy using a converter that converts the electricity from DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current), which is used to power your home.

Depending on how many panels are on your home and given that Daytona Beach receives on average 230 days of sunshine each year, you can generate enough electricity to power your AC unit, water heater, kitchen appliances and even your hot tub.

Why Choose Solcium Solar?

Choosing the right solar company is the most important step for any homeowner looking to install solar panels on their Daytona Beach home.

Solcium Solar provides a complete energy solutions service including education, design, and solar panel installation. We offer no gimmicks, providing a wealth of information for you to make the right decision for your needs, not ours.

In addition, Solcium Solar offers $0 down financing with competitive rates and a price match guarantee. That’s right, we’ll match any competitor’s solar quote, backed by our superior solar warranty.

Plus, our in-house install team means that when you choose Solcium, that’s exactly what you get, Solcium employees from start to finish. We don’t hand you off to 3rd parties or use sub-contractors for our installs. This ensures you have a simple and pain free experience from the moment you speak with Solcium to long after your solar energy system is powered on for the first time.

For more on what sets Solcium Solar apart from the competition, check out The Solcium Difference.

Our Solar Process

We consider our potential solar clients as partners. Unlike other Daytona Beach solar companies, our process includes an unbiased, educational, no-pressure approach, tailoring your solar panel system to match your energy consumption and budget. We have a simple, 4-step process that includes:

  1. Free Quote: Using our easy, hassle-free online tool
  2. Educational Consultation: Discuss what is best for your home and needs
  3. Installation: Using our in-house team (no sub-contractors)
  4. Bright Future: Enjoy the benefits of creating your own energy


Aerial view of a Daytona Beach residential home with solar panels installed on the roof by a Daytona Beach solar company.
close up view of a solar energy system on the rooftop of a Daytona Beach, FL home.

Installing Solar Panels in Daytona Beach

If you’re looking for a reliable, highly rated solar installer in the Daytona Beach area, you have found the right company!  Solcium Solar has over 15 years’ experience with solar panel and solar battery backup installation services for homeowners in Daytona Beach and throughout Volusia County. Our team is TESLA Solar Certified, NABCEP Accredited, and award-winning!

Top Rated 30-Year Solar System Warranty

Here’s why our Solar System Warranty is considered one of the best from coast to coast:

  • 30 Year Power Production Guarantee – your solar system will produce what we quoted, or we’ll pay the difference   
  • 30 Year Warranty on roof penetrations, workmanship, solar equipment 
  • One free removal / reinstall during the life of the solar panel system


Whether you are familiar with solar energy or just exploring the options for your Daytona Beach home, Solcium Solar can provide you with the information you need to make the right decision for your investment.