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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage at Solcium Solar

Festive Hispanic Heritage Month banner

Thursday, September 15th through Saturday, October 15th marks  2022’s National Hispanic Heritage month – a time to recognize the achievements, contributions and culture that Hispanic Americans bring to our world.

Solcium Solar proudly embraces a bold workforce that celebrates diversity and culture – so much so, it is in our namesake. 

Solcium: a derivative of the Latin word Socius (noun); meaning partner, ally.

Created by two Hispanic Americans, Solcium Solar understands the importance of celebrating individualism and creating a safe space for team members to infuse different cultural backgrounds into the very heartbeat of this incredible team! 

Heritage Spotlight: Gustavo Panosso 

Spanish American Gustavo Panosso from Solcium Solar

Born in Brazil, Gustavo moved to the USA in 1989 with his parents and siblings in the pursuit of the American dream. Gustavo became a naturalized US citizen shortly after graduating high school before pursuing a business degree from Miami University in the hopes of someday fulfilling his entrepreneurial desires. After moving to Florida, Gustavo began a successful career in real estate and property management which created the opportunities for him to co-found Solcium Solar in 2021. 

Gustavo is a natural entrepreneur and leader, lending his 15-years of experience in business and asset management to the enhancement of Solcium Solar’s development. His impenetrable focus and determination will illuminate the industry for years to come. Gustavo is eternally grateful for the values his latino parents instilled in him rooted in education, hard work and community.

Heritage Spotlight: Michelle Solano

Spanish American Co-Founder of Solcium Solar, Michelle Solano

Born to a Cuban mother and Costa Rican-native father, Michelle proudly embraces her dynamic heritage. Michelle grew up in Central Florida as a first-generation Hispanic American and quickly achieved her parent’s dreams by embodying an impeccable work ethic, achieving a bachelors in political science and a masters in negotiation and dispute resolution before rising to become an empowered entrepreneur. 

Armed with 15-years of industry experience, Michelle leads Solcium Solar to a brighter future through her benevolent leadership style and steadfast commitment. Her ability to deliver on promises will revolutionize the industry and create change for years to come. 

How Can You Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

  • Select Hispanic-owned businesses to support: we think Solcium Solar is a bright choice! 
  • Connect with your local Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (Orlando:
  • Education is Key: find books at your local library or search for documentaries to learn more about Hispanic Heritage. Here’s a great list of Latino books on GoodReads (link:
  • Fun with Flavors: explore different dishes and infuse new recipes into your weekly meals. Check out this video by UCF students on traditional recipes (link:
  • Game Night: research a Hispanic Heritage / cultural game and invite a few friends over to play! A great game is Mexico’s version of bingo, Loteria (link:
  • Hit the Dance Floor: find a local venue and take latin dances or try at home with a YouTube video, like this kid-friendly salsa instruction (link:

Exploring different heritages leads to a deeper understanding of each other and unity amongst communities. Solcium Solar is honored to represent a diverse workplace and is a proud member of the Histpanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando (

At Solcium Solar, we love everyone under the sun and appreciate all of our Hispanic American team members, customers and partners!

We love to celebrate solar as much as we love to celebrate culture. This local hispanic-owned trusted solar installer makes renewable energy as easy as a siesta (nap)! Contact Solcium Solar today for a free consultation!

¡Feliz Mes de la Herencia Hispana para ustedes y sus familias!

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