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Solar Shopping – What to Ask When Selecting a Solar Partner

infographic highlighting the top 3 things to consider when comparing solar partners: Solar Warranty, Headquarters Location, and Reviews.

Comparing Solar Partners

Solcium Solar is dedicated to being a bright resource for homeowners and businesses looking to go green with renewable energy. Like with any purchase, it is important to understand all the options and know what to look for when selecting a solar partner. 

Navigating the various solar installers can be a daunting task. Solcium Solar is here to make the process easier, so customers can make an educated decision based on their needs. 

Here’s a checklist of things to consider when exploring a solar partner:

Leading Warranty: what does the company offer and how do they commit to delivering their promises?

Partnering with a solar installer is a 30+ year commitment. Make sure the company’s warranty aligns with the life of a solar system. Unfortunately, many installers view the journey complete after installation, offering very little support beyond five years. Look for a company that promises to be a partner throughout the entire process. 

Promises of a warranty should be backed by a third-party insurance policy should the company cease operations in the future. Protecting solar investments is just as important as the initial decision to install. Look for a company that protects their customers as much, if not more, than their profits by offering an extended policy or warranty. 

  • Solcium Solar offers a 30-year warranty on all equipment, labor, roof penetrations and workmanship and a complimentary third-party policy through SolarInsure. Solcium stands by their promise to deliver the highest quality of install for the lowest price.

Company Headquarters: where is the company situated and how does it operate? 

What does this have to do with anything one may ask? Studies show that companies that are deep rooted in a community are more apt to put an emphasis on their reputations and relationships with customers in comparison to national companies that have minimal risks in the local markets. 

Look for a company with roots and grit within the community. The more involved they are in local resources means they have more at stake – which typically means that they ensure quality service first and foremost. 

Check the company’s public profiles and employment status. It is not uncommon in the industry for companies to act as a broker, securing the deal but subcontracting out the installation. This can lead to a lack of accountability post-installation and relinquished quality control, oftentimes leaving a customer with little recourse and a lot of frustration. To ensure the highest quality and accountability, look for a company with an in-house team of solar experts from the sales force to the installers.  

  • Solcium Solar takes great pride in their commitment to their community and environment, taking an active role in the health and growth of our local resources through employing an in-house team of solar experts, investing in regional efforts for workforce development and partnering with several municipalities, nonprofits, and other outreach-based organizations to build bright partnerships and offer resources where needed. 

Power Production: how does the company guarantee the production promised?

A solar system design should be tailored to the specific needs of the home or commercial property that it is built for. Don’t allow a company to over- or undersell a system by miscalculating the monthly consumption. A solar system should aim to illuminate as much consumption as possible, if not all . 

Once a customer’s roof space, sun exposure, goals and budget are determined, a holistic picture of the solar system’s power production is produced and communicated – aka, the promise to deliver a certain number of kilowatts to offset public utility consumption. 

Look for a company that guarantees their estimation of power production. Will they pay the difference in utility costs if their quotes fail to meet expectations? 

  • Solcium Solar offers their customers a power production guarantee. If their installation does not meet the quoted offset, Solcium Solar will pay their customers the difference in utility costs. 

Comparing is Caring: don’t be afraid to shop around & ask for a price-match from your preferred solar installer. 

As previously mentioned, a solar system is a big commitment. Customers should sit with multiple solar installers to find the best fit for their individual needs. Armed with the information outlined in this blog, customers should feel empowered to ask for a price-match if they felt connected to a particular company that didn’t meet the price point. 

  • Solcium Solar extends a price-match guarantee backed by the industry’s leading warranties and top-quality installations. After conducting research, allow Solcium to demonstrate the Solcium Difference! 

Comparing all the perks and leaning into a personal connection with a company is essential when selecting a solar partner. To assist with this task, Solcium Solar has created a comparison chart for solar-seeking individuals. 

Reviews & Referrals: read the companies reviews & ask friends and family for referrals. 

In today’s digital world, there’s rarely a purchase made without the consult of reviews or referral from a trusted source. These tools lend insight into other customer’s experiences and influence a decision. 

 Customers embarking upon a solar journey should peruse the various review sites that are utilized by the industry. Most commonly used is Google Reviews but customers can also investigate a company’s review site on, Better Business Bureau and Facebook. 

Know someone with solar? Referrals are a great way to have an “in” with a reputable solar company. 

  • While it is common in the industry, Solcium Solar doesn’t solicit guided reviews from their customers. Their online presence is organic and truthful, offering a transparent look into their business practices. 


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