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The Solcium Difference: Shifting the Way the World Sees Solar

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We get it. The solar industry doesn’t have the greatest of reputations. At Solcium Solar, we’re doing everything in our power to change that by delivering value to our customers through unbiased education, transparent practices and leaving the aggressive sales tactics behind.

This is what we call the Solcium Difference. 

Deep-rooted in integrity and trust, the Solcium Difference guarantees the best guidance, best experience, best product, best installation and best warranties all tailored to each individual home’s needs. A partnership with Solcium Solar means that you have a trusted resource for years to come. 

So, what exactly is the Solcium Difference? It is Solcium’s standard of going above and beyond for our customers, slowly changing the way that the world views solar – one panel at a time. The Solcium Difference promises to deliver top-notch service through: 

1. No-hassle Sales:

Any deal entered without full understanding or complete confidence is a no-win for either party. Solcium Solar believes in lending homeowners quality, unbiased educational information that sheds a light on what solar can do for increasing value and monthly savings.

However, solar isn’t necessarily right for all properties. That is where the Solcium difference comes in. At Solcium Solar, we won’t force what doesn’t make sense and we take pride in our truly free consultation, where you can learn more without aggressive sales tactics. Interested in a quick estimate, use our free estimate tool.

2. Pearl Certification Process:

We put our money where our mouths are by offering our new clients a 3rd-party home value appraisal after the addition of their new solar system. This certification process is a upheld, documented increase to the value of your property for years to come.

3. Price-Match Guarantee:

Some can duplicate pricing but not all can duplicate the industry’s leading warranty paired with a Pearl Certification. We encourage you to explore all your options in solar. When you’re ready, give Solcium the chance to review and match your quotes, selecting Solcium’s impeccable reputation backed by our top-tier warranty and Pearl Certification. 

4. Our Expert In-house Team:

Unbeknownst to customers, unfortunately, a lot of solar is sold through brokers that then turn around and sub out the actual installation process. This leads to a lack of quality control and a lack of ownership from either company if things go awry.

At Solcium Solar, our in-house team of solar experts means that you’re only dealing with one company that has your best interest in mind. Our team is trained internally on the Solcium standard, promising to deliver the highest level of professionalism from consultation beyond installation. 

5. Your Dedicated Customer Experience Team:

When you partner with Solcium Solar, you’ll get your own panel posse of talented team members whose sole purpose is to seamlessly guide your solar journey. 

With you every step of the way, the Customer Experience team works diligently to answer questions, move your project along, keep you updated and train you on our active monitoring system. 

6. Fast, Painless Installs:

Getting your system up and running at an electrifying rate, Solcium Solar has some of the industry’s fastest lead time from signature to installation. Our team works feverishly behind the scenes to ensure that your project’s permits are receiving the attention they deserve, getting you on the road to energy independence with lightspeed status. 

7. Power Production Guarantee:

Solcium Solar does what they say they will, including what your system will produce. If we miss the mark of hitting your quoted panel production, Solcium Solar will pay you the difference. 

8. Partners For Life:

We’re not your average contractor who installs and then ghosts you. With Solcium Solar, we’re committed to being your trusted partner for the life of your system and beyond. Our install process is built to last, so we treat our relationships the same. 

From our first meeting to our continued collaboration for many years to come, the Solcium Difference comes down to a few things: we believe in our industry, our level of service, our commitment to our customers but most of all, we believe in building bright partnerships. 

To experience the Solcium Difference – whether you are new to solar or want to give the industry another chance – contact Solcium Solar to start your journey with a company that truly cares.


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