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Stacking on Value for Solar Customers with Solar Stack

Innovative Solar Stack product on the cement rooftop of Celery City, a local brewery in downtown Sanford, Florida

Solcium Solar is committed to offering top-notch service to their solar customers, which means knowing which equipment to use, how to properly install the industry’s best products, and ensuring a quality installation every time.

Solar installations need to compliment the home’s unique characteristics, which means that not one installation method fits all. Solcium Solar knows the importance of being flexible and ensures that their team of solar experts are certified in the industry’s leading methods and products.

Solar Stack Certified Installer

Recently, Solcium Solar underwent the credentialing process to become a certified installer for Solar Stack, an innovative mounting system for photovoltaic systems. Solar Stack is a unique bracket that is mounted to the roof with a spray adhesive that is Miami-Dade NOA approved without penetrating the roof. This approval means that the brackets and adhesive have met the High Velocity Hurricane Zone mandates defined by the Florida Building Codes out of Miami-Dade, where the strictest codes within the United States are applied. Visit Solar Stack to learn more about this revolutionary solar product.

Close up image of Solar Stack product on cement rooftop with solar panel installed on top of it. Solar inverter installed on a cement rooftop using Solar Stack product in Sanford, Florida

Introduced in 2011, Solar Stack is manufactured in the United States and developed by fellow Florida entrepreneur, Tim Graboski, out of Deerfield Beach, Fla. While the manufacturer of Solar Stack offers a 20-year warranty on their pedestals, Solcium Solar stands behind the product by covering the installation under their leading warranty of 30-years.

Solcium Solar is excited to add this system to their growing lineup of offerings to better serve their customers. Solar Stack is a valued partner of Solcium Solar’s customers who have alternative surfaces, such as tile roofs, concrete decks, structural metal roofs, roll roofing, TPO, PVC and other flat deck, low slope or sloped surfaces.

Solcium Solar Partners with Celery City Craft in Downtown Sanford

Kicking off their Solar Stack journey, Solcium Solar showcased this valuable addition at a large-scale commercial project in historic downtown Sanford, Fla. The Solcium Solar team utilized Solar Stack’s mounting pedestals to install 96 panels on the flat roof of a local taphouse and beer garden, Celery City Craft.

Celery City Craft’s installation is one of a few large commercial installations that Solcium Solar is spearheading through their Small Business Partnership Program, which encourages fellow small business owners in their hometown to partner on green initiatives and eco-tourism, putting Sanford on the path to becoming a brighter place to go #sanfording.

Commercial Solar Projects Going Green in Record Time

By installing the Solar Stack roof mount system, Solcium Solar was able to shave considerable time off of the installation timeframe and get the customer running green in record time. Solcium Solar plans on using the same installation method for a few of their upcoming commercial projects due to the durability and benefits of Solar Stack’s quick installation process.

Solcium Solar is proud to become the 20th certified Solar Stack installer in the State of Florida. To learn more about this innovative system and to see if your roof surface qualifies for a penetration-free solar system, contact Solcium Solar here or give us a call at 662.SOL.CIUM.


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