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Another Bright Year: Solcium Turns Two!

happy birthday graphic with a cupcake because Solcium turns two.

Hip Hip Hooray, It’s Solcium’s Birthday! We celebrated another trip around the sun on Saturday, March 25th.

The past year has been TWO good to us. Solcium Solar saw a lot of milestones during our second year in business. Leadership set some pretty hefty goals for the second year and the team shattered them, and then some.

The first year was all about learning and growing. Entering our second year, our baby business hit their stride and reached their top percentiles in growth. All of us at Solcium Solar feel like beaming parents as we look back over the last year.

Take a walk down memory lane with us as we reflect on growth, growing pains, goals and hitting our stride. Since passing the year mark in March of 2022, Solcium Solar has quickly grown from start-up to scale-up with a focus on building a strong workforce of trusted, knowledgeable individuals. Solcium has been hard at work to reinforce our community partnerships and be a solution to the labor shortage in the renewable energy industry, working to identify apprenticeship and training opportunities within our community, recruiting the nation’s best talent to our region, and creating a robust industry-wide training program.

“Taking preemptive measures to ensure the longevity of sustainable industry jobs is crucial in order to meet the needs of our environmental initiatives. Based on the current Administration’s goals, the renewable energy sector will need roughly 1 million workers. To date, we’re rounding about 250k. Solcium Solar is determined to be a contributor.” – Michelle Solano, CEO & Owner.

Another metric of success for Solcium in their second year was hitting over 3,169 kW installed. That’s a lot of trees, fossil fuels and other non-renewable resources saved! Solcium Solar is proud to offer a solution to a lot of the environmental impacts that we’re facing when dealing with climate change.

At Solcium Solar, we are so proud of the work happening internally; however, the recent acknowledgements from our community have us beaming. The last year brought in so many public accolades, our heads spinning!


In the Spring of 2022, Solcium’s Director of Public Affairs, Shelly Allen, was named one of Orlando Business Journal’s 40 Under 40. In February, Solcium’s CEO, Michelle Solano, was recognized as one of Orlando’s 40 Under 40 leaders for 2023.


In August of 2022, Solcium Solar was named Best Large Business by the Seminole County Chamber of Commerce. This award is judged by an out-of-state panel based on criteria that leans into the organization’s annual growth, revenue, leadership style, community involvement and innovative disruptors.


In October of 2022, Solcium Solar was informed that they were nominated by an external source, progressed through two rounds of deliberation and named one of 50 companies to win the prestigious title of Top Companies to Watch in 2023 by statewide incubator chamber, GrowFL. This award has strict criteria that determines an organization’s promise to the State of Florida in the way of innovation, economic growth, and offering a strong culture of care both for their customers and their team.


In July of 2022, Solcium Solar learned that they earned a spot on Solar Power World’s Top Solar Contractors for 2022. This comprehensive list of nationwide contractors ranks the organizations based on a formula that considers their total installations by size (kW), corporate revenue and employee growth. Solcium Solar placed within the top ranks for both Florida and the United States.

While we’re proud of the accolades awarded to Solcium Solar in our second year, we are most proud of the hard work and dedication put forth by our team. The change-makers at Solcium are hyper focused on changing the way the world views solar by leading with integrity and genuine care. Our birthday represents the milestones reached throughout our workforce, which includes growth in operations, business intelligence and the sales team. From year one to the end of year two, Solcium Solar saw a 43% growth in employees.

“The team at Solcium Solar has exploded over the last year in terms of talent, tenacity and promise. When I reflect on where we started to where we are today, I know that we have the right people in the right roles to launch Solcium to another level in year two.” -Gustavo Panosso, CSO & Owner

When looking towards the future, Solcium Solar plans to continue their stride. From walking to running, our growth will continue upward. What is on the horizon for our second year? We’ll have to wait and see… but we guarantee it’ll be nothing short of amazing.


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