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The Ultimate Showdown: Solar vs. Utilities

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Howdy, Partners! Every month can feel like the wild wild west when it comes to sorting through and paying your bills. The stack of money owed can seem as long as the Oregon Trail, neverending and brutal.

But it doesn’t have to be. A solar system from Solcium Solar is your ace in the hole. Let’s set the scene…

It’s a new frontier, settlers are flocking to claim their stake in the world. Coming in from the North, you have the utility companies with their large hats, tall horses and thick bankrolls. We’ll refer to them as the Warden. Now, we’re not calling them the villains, but every story has one. See, in this settlement, the Warden is familiar and has been around for some time. Except, they only care about the gold in them thar hills, not necessarily about their fellow settlers. From the South, in rides Solcium Solar with their trusty steeds and badges of honor. We’ll refer to Solcium as the Cowboy. They want a frontier for the people that thrives for years to come.

As each steps off their horse and faces each other, onlookers gather around. The Warden represents control, misrepresentation, and a monopoly – their holster is loaded with unwavering rate increases. The Cowboy represents independence, sustainability and predictability – in their holster lies locked in lower payments. It’s the ultimate showdown. Tumbleweeds roll by. The sun glaring in everyone’s eyes. The moment has come – hands move to the holster and draw…

Solar Opportunity

Ok, maybe that’s a dramatic way to describe the difference between paying for solar versus paying your utility bills but it felt right. Solar is often misunderstood and falls prey to the bandwagon brigade – what is known as the “law of the land” isn’t always in our best interest nor is it the only option.

In today’s frontier, solar is quite often misunderstood and can be perceived as a threat. In reality, solar offers an opportunity to find extra gold in the payments you are normally throwing into the fire. Don’t be blind as a snubbing post, take a hard look at your monthly utility bills to see what the Warden has been pocketing out of your hard-earned eureka.

FPL and Duke Rates Increasing

Several news outlets have reported that Florida Light and Power will be imposing a utility rate increase not once, but THREE times in 2023 alone. These rates are said to offset the mismanagement of costs incurred by running their facilities – passing the buck.

When interviewed by the Palm Beach Post, Deputy Public Counsel Charles Rehwinkel stated,

“There is no rational basis for the companies letting $3.4 billion in fuel costs stack up and imperil the well-being of customers, both personal and economic. The process that has occurred in 2022 in this case is akin to something out of the Wild West, with little to no rules except for seemingly what is good for the company but not necessarily good for the customer.”

Unfortunately, settlers across Florida are all experiencing the same woes, no matter who their electric Warden is. Duke Energy is imposing their second rate hike of 2023 in early April, raising utility rates by 17% this round and Tampa Electric is following with another hike of 9.8%.

Solcium Solar Offers Freedom from Utility Companies

So, you can continue to be at mercy to the Wardens of the world or you can shape your own frontier. With a solar system through Solcium Solar, you will pony up on monthly savings, fixed rates, low interest and an exponential amount of gold invested into your settlement. With Solcium Solar, you can match what you are currently paying to the Wardens, reroute your path to energy independence and seek freedom from continuous overtaxing.

Backed by a nationally credentialed appraisal certificate, Solcium Solar offers you the deed to your ROI, proving the gold status of your solar system, paired with leading warranties of thirty years power production, workmanship and product standards.

We get it. A lot of outfitters promise gold on the horizon, but you’re often left standing with dust in your pockets. With Solcium Solar, you don’t have to pan for treasure. We’ll come to your settlement without horsin’ around and present you with a clear passage to brighter horizons.

Round up your utility bills and call in the cowboys for a free, no obligation consultation on what solar can do for your new frontier.


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