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On the Road to Savings with Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle in the garage of a home with solar panels on the roof

Electrical vehicles are changing the road to sustainability at a high speed. According to the Electrical Vehicle Initiative (EVI), sales of electric vehicles accounted for 10% of global car sales in 2021 which is four times higher than sales in 2019. This spike in sales means that roughly 16.5 million electric vehicles are hitting the highways and the electrical grids. Experts expect the market to reach 190 billion by 2030.

This movement revs up the need for more sustainable practices across the globe but leaves the need for infrastructure improvements in the dust as far as progress. To meet the demand of this increasing industry, governments will need to reevaluate the support and roll-out of investments to tackle the barriers associated with electric vehicles – more public charging stations and stronger infrastructures.

Studies have shown that most early adopters of electric vehicles are keen on living sustainably and are often adopters of renewable energy at their homes as well. According to a study of over 2,000 EV drivers by Cleantechnica, 28-40% of EV owners across six survey groups also had solar panels installed on their rooftop.

According to a study by the University of Maryland, EV drivers without solar panels put a strain on the electric grid, utilizing an average of 0.4kWh hourly. Those EV drivers that have a solar system reverse those demands, decreasing demand on the electrical grid by 1.1kWh per hour.

Drivers can see significant savings when they pair a Solcium Solar photovoltaic system with an electric vehicle. According to a study titled, “Feasibility of Electric Vehicle: Electricity by Grid x Photovoltaic Energy”, an electric vehicle that is regularly used produces a return on investment within six years. When paired with a solar system that is warrantied by Solcium Solar for 30-years, a customer can see a greater return on their investment through property value, less monthly expenses and additional tax credits.

Under the Inflation Reduction Act, EV drivers could qualify for up to $7,500 worth of tax credits for certain electric vehicles. For a complete list of qualifications, visit the U.S Department of Energy. Those savings can be paired with the 30% tax credit available for homeowners that install a photovoltaic system on their home. That’s a lot of green driving the decision to incorporate renewable energy.

Solcium Solar Energy Consultants are trained to engineer a system that is sized perfectly to meet a home’s individual needs plus enough juice to get our customers on the road to energy and fuel independence. Our experts are prepared to answer any questions regarding installing a solar-powered charging station alongside a top-notch solar system.

Solcium Solar is also the region’s experts in commercial solar and electric charging stations, committed to getting our community on the road to sustainability!

To explore the renewable road ahead, contact Solcium Solar for a free, educational consultation.


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