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No Tricks – All Treats

No tricks, All Treats infographic featuring Solcium Solar's best attributes

Say BOO to utility bills with a spooktacular solar system from Solcium Solar.

Leaving sales tricks behind, working with Solcium Solar is a real treat. Like a werewolf at midnight, we’re changing things up! Solcium prides themselves on transforming the status quo when it comes to the solar industry – without spells and potions. 

Here are some of the ghoulish ways that Solcium Solar is haunting the competition: 

Industry’s Best Warranties:

Homeowners will go batty over Solcium’s 30-year warranty and power production guarantee

Award-Winning Company: 

Most enchanting goes to Solcium Solar with recent recognition as Seminole County Chamber of Commerce’s Best Large Business 2022, SolarWorld’s Top Solar Contractor (U.S. / Florida) 2022, and GROWFL’s Companies to Watch 2022. 

In-House Team of Experts:  

Do away with ghostly companies who subcontract work and watch Solcium work their magic.

Lead with Education: 

Solcium Solar rids homeowners of any superstitions with fact-based, unbiased education. 

Dedicated Team for Every Project: 

No skeleton crew here – Solcium Solar has a dedicated team of project managers and customer experience representatives for each customer.

Fastest Installation Times: 

Solcium’s time from initial consultation to installation is wicked fast!  

Quality Engineering and Installations:

No horrors lurking about here. Solcium Solar offers the highest-quality of inspections and site surveys. 

Active Monitoring & Continuous Support: 

No bones about it, Solcium Solar is in their partnerships for the long haul with continuous monitoring of a system’s production and customer support.

Homeowners should sink their fangs into additional savings this Fall with a solar system from Solcium Solar before those spine-chilling utility rates hike again.

Contact Solcium Solar for a complimentary, scare-free educational consultation today!


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Solcium Solar provides a full suite of end-to-end renewable energy solutions including education, design, and installation services.

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