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New Year, Renewed Earth: Setting Sustainable Resolutions

It’s now 2023 and our social media feeds are full of new year resolutions to be healthier and happy for ourselves. Well, what about our impact on Mother Earth? We think our environment is worthy of a few changes to make 2023 a little healthier than we found it. How about setting a few green resolutions this year?

We’re sure that these resolutions will outlast that gym membership and be easier to maintain than that diet plan. We’ve come up with our favorite five green resolutions for 2023 and hope that you’ll adopt them too!

5. Ditch the Plastic – Adopt Refillable Water Bottles 

This is a super simple switch with a huge impact. Did you know that 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere and more than 1.1 million marine creatures are killed each year by the demands of the bottling process? Not to mention – the testing requirements of bottled water are dramatically less than the high standards of testing for that of tap water, diluting the quality of H20 offered. 

In 2023, say no to single use plastic bottles and come prepared for thirst with your reusable water container of glass, aluminum or refillable plastic.

4. Tear Away from Using So Many Paper Towels

We get it, there are some messes that paper towels were meant for; however, by cutting back on using paper towels for every little swipe and wipe, you can help avoid sending 13 billion pounds of these single use towels to the landfill each year. 

Stock away some cotton or fabric cloths for an alternative to paper towels. These cloth alternatives can easily be dropped into your next laundry load.

3. Shop Within Your Own Backyard

We mean this both literally and figuratively. Discover what easy fruits or vegetables grow in your region and have fun producing your own food. If that isn’t a realistic goal, support your local stores that source their food within a small radius to your home. 

By keeping your grub local, you can reduce the carbon footprint of food miles, consume fresher food, protect local lands (and, in turn, local wildlife) from development, and support the local workforce.

2. Tote-ally Use Reusable Grocery Totes

This should naturally occur when you’re already shopping local, but just in case you need to run to the big box store, be sure to bring your reusable grocery bags and skip the plastic. The alternative avoids the 100 billion plastic bags each year that consume 12 million barrels of oil each year. 

Did you know that plastic bags can remain in a landfill for over 400 years before being broken down to a microplastic that leaks into our water systems, causing harm for hundreds of years to come? Do a solid for future generations and tote like a G.O.A.T.

1. Reduce Your Electricity Consumption

Kicking off the new year with a bang, by switching your electrical dependency to a renewable source, you can offset the carbon emissions of more than 10 trees with a single solar panel. 

By exploring solar solutions for your home or business, you will be raising the roof on resolutions. Contact Solcium Solar to learn more about your unique needs and how they can help you reach your green resolutions in 2023!


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