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Minority-Owned Business Making an Impact Through Diverse Partnerships

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Solcium Solar is proud to be a minority-owned business enterprise (MBE). This credentialing is awarded to companies that are owned, run and managed by an individual that is considered a minority status – either ethnicity or gender. 

However, at Solcium Solar, we like to replace minority with M-powered because of how many benefits there are to choosing a minority-owned business as your solar partner. 

MBE certification provides Solcium Solar the ability to connect with a diverse group of industry partners, suppliers and expansive marketplace while passing along our additional savings and speed-to-installation that these relationships afford us on to our customers. 

Additionally, by becoming a nationally recognized MBE, Solcium Solar is able to participate in federal and state bidding programs as well as top-notch recruitment programs to locate the industry’s future leaders, securing our place as the good guys in solar. 

However, the benefits aren’t reserved just for the MBE. As a customer, there are many perks to choosing a minority-owned business as a trusted partner. 

  1. Declaring Support: take a stand and recognize the need to source through diverse organizations.
  2. Unique Perspectives and Insights: through unique and distinct connections, MBEs typically offer more flexibility and adaptability. 
  3. Caring for Community: In addition to being a major contributor to the local workforce, most MBEs are deep-rooted in their community, fueling the local economy and oftentimes funneling their philanthropic efforts back into their neighborhood. 
  4. Vetted for Quality:  in order to qualify for the MBE certification, the organization has to go through a rigorous audit and is continuously held to a level of accountability that other organizations do not face.  
  5. Stable Partnerships: despite perception, studies show that MBEs came with stronger revenues and proved to be more resilient during the pandemic, outperforming their non-minority owned competitors in 10 out of 12 industries, despite being declined for the loan assistance program. 

The workforce at Solcium Solar is as bright as we are colorful. From our latin-based, female leadership to our entire workforce, we bring together the very best from every culture, gender, heart, and soul from under our roof to the roof of our customer’s home.

Learn more about how Solcium Solar makes their MBE credentialing work for you by scheduling an educational consultation with one of our diverse and bright solar consultants.


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