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Goldilocks Grid: Getting The Perfect Solar System Size

image of a light-brown bear standing outside a home with a black solar system on the roof.

Everyone knows the story of Goldilocks, the persistent little girl who was on the hunt for perfection – an item that suited her every need. Not everyone likes the same type of bed or same temperature of porridge, so why settle for something that doesn’t cater to your individual needs?

Building a solar system is a lot like finding that perfect chair that sits just right. Every home has their own individual needs that should be carefully considered when exploring getting a renewable energy source. Some companies fail to conduct a discovery session and will either over- or undersell you on a system, leading to frustration and bad commitments for the solar seeker.

But going solar doesn’t have to be a bear. The expert in-house team at Solcium Solar has extensive experience, vast knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to ensure that your solar design is JUST RIGHT for you. Our team takes the time to conduct an energy assessment and bill audit to get historical data on your consumption, as well as ask exploratory questions to determine a change in your future energy needs.

Some things that the team will explore during these discovery sessions are:

  • Your current consumption: getting a good understanding of your current energy consumption is crucial to determining the size and functionality of the perfect solar system for your home. The solar energy consultants will review your electric bill for kilowatts used.
  • Historical consumption data: looking at just one month won’t paint a clear picture of your average use. To get a holistic view of your average consumption, the team will request at least a year’s worth of electricity bills. This is easily accessed through your utility company’s online dashboard, and our team is happy to assist you in retrieving that information. With the current and historical data together, we can ensure that the system we design for you meets your every need, every season.
  • Roof evaluation: our team, along with our site surveyor, will determine your roof’s potential. Kind of like finding the perfect bed, we want to ensure that your solar system will fit as snug as a bug.

Cartoon of Goldilocks and the three bears infront of the bears house

At Solcium Solar, we aim for offsetting your energy consumption as close to 100% as possible without building a system that is too big or too small – we aim for JUST RIGHT. There will be no surprises, like Goldilocks in your home, when Solcium Solar completes their evaluation and custom system build.

After you’ve tried the rest, give Solcium Solar a call to select the best option for the best price, guaranteed. Named the best solar installer in Central Florida, the Solcium Difference delivers the following:

  • 30 Year Warranty: on all products, penetrations and workmanship
  • Power Production Guarantee: our design will produce what we promised or we pay the difference in cash
  • Price-match Guarantee: we’ll match the competitors price, or better, to bring you a high quality install backed by a company that cares
  • No Money Down: we’ll work to qualify you for zero down payment and zero out of pocket

Contact Solcium Solar for a free, no obligation consultation and energy assessment. Our expertise and offerings are just right.


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