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Celebrating Women in Solar

Graphic celebrating International Women's Day for Solcium Solar

Today is International Women’s Day, a day to commemorate the efforts and achievements of women across the globe who have played an important role in shaping society and for encouraging those future generations of female warriors. First celebrated sparingly in 1910, the United Nations officially institutionalized the date as a holiday in 1975. However, Solcium Solar celebrates the incredible impact that women have on our organization all 365 days out of the year.

Solcium Solar is proud of their diverse team, from all cultures, orientations, and identities. One factor that we are incredibly proud of is the vast amount of incredibly driven and intelligent female leaders on the team.

Women of Solcium Solar posing at the Pride Parade in Orlando, Florida

More than 60% of Solcium Solar Leadership Roles are Held by Women

A rarity in solar, more than 60% of the leadership roles at Solcium Solar are held by women including our CEO and Owner, Michelle Solano. Recent research conducted by the U.S. Solar Industry Diversity Study showed that women represented a mere 26% of the workforce in the solar industry with only 28% of those women in the industry holding leadership roles.

Amongst the recent news, the United Nations announced that the gender pay gap is nearly 300 years out from closing in on pay equality for women. Solcium Solar considers it a badge of honor to have such a strong representation of femininity throughout their workforce – from Executive Vice President to our install team. We tend to agree with Beyonce when she says that it is women who run the world. 

Solar Shines in Women Hiring Rates for Male-Dominated Industries

As with many industries that surround construction, engineering and electrical work, the solar industry continues to be male-dominated in most organizations. Although, solar tends to hire the highest rate of women out of all of the renewables industries.

Solcium Solar is here to help change that. We believe in being the change-makers, being the change we want to see in the world, and the first and foremost thing that we believe in is empowerment and equality.

Part of the organization’s commitment to their workforce is providing ample opportunities and outlets for professional and personal development. In February of 2023, the women of Solcium Solar initiated a weekly book club, further committing to their growth and relationship building.

Thoughts from Solcium’s Leading Women

Team Member Jamie Jamieson attributes the unwavering support and encouragement from the team at Solcium as being the catalyst for the increase in confidence and success in her position as Permitting Manager at Solcium Solar.

“The incredible talent at Solcium Solar is subpar to none. Our team is not only comprised of top performers but also individuals who truly strive for growth – both within and outside of the organization. Solcium Solar provides a platform for people to discover, develop and deliver the very best versions of themselves.”

Solcium Solar employee, Jamie Jamieson, poses for a photo

Solcium’s Director of Public Affairs, Shelly Allen, mirrors Jamie’s sentiment. When asked, Shelly states that, genders aside, Solcium’s team is one of the most well-rounded, genuine groups that she has had the pleasure to work alongside.

“Since I joined Solcium in 2021, I’m continuously in awe of the raw talent and sincere care that the team at Solcium puts forth on a daily basis. Nurturing relationships is a core value at Solcium, and the women in this organization enhance the organization’s culture of caring in an organic, genuine way.”

Solcium Solar Director of PR, Shelly Allen, poses for a photo with Solcium's managing partners.

At Solcium Solar, we believe when one sun rises, we’re all illuminated and nothing shines brighter than the sunny faces of our female workforce.

To learn more about becoming a change-maker in the solar industry or job opportunities at Solcium, contact us at


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