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You don’t have to have solar panels on your roof to be an advocate for easy access to renewable energy. If you believe in the freedom of choice out from under the control of monopolies, then you could easily be a supporter of solar energy in the State of Florida.

Solar isn’t for everyone but having access to options should be for everyone! You can easily show your support for energy independence and maximizing the renewable resources in the Sunshine State. If you can’t raise panels on your roof, you can still raise your advocacy for those who are candidates for solar.

Here are five simple ways that you can help advocate for the State of Florida to embrace renewable energy without leaving your home.

Education = Empowerment

Support comes from understanding. Get acquainted with the ins and outs of solar, solar policy, and industry projections from an economic standpoint so you fully understand the great benefits of supporting solar on a regional, state and federal level.

For instance, did you know that the concept of solar has been around since 1839; however, the modern solar cell wasn’t launched until the 1950s? Get an overview in our blog, A Brief History of Solar – or how about learning the impacts of climate change and how renewable solutions can help avoid major catastrophes for future generations?

Other great sources of unbiased information for advocates, consumers and interested parties can be found on the webpages for EnergySage, Solar United Neighbors and The U.S. Department of Energy.

Impress your friends at the next dinner party with a wealth of information pertaining to citizen’s right to consume sustainable, natural energy from the sun. You’ll be the highLIGHT of the event!

Support the Sustainable

Know of a business who invested in renewable energy or sustainable practices? Be sure to support their commitment to the environment as a customer. Acknowledge their incredible efforts by thanking them for being environmentally conscious. This type of public acknowledgement goes a long way in reinforcing their decision to invest in sustainable practices, which, in turn, encourages them to entice other businesses to do the same.

Your small gesture will create a ripple effect in entrepreneurs who decide to go green!

Pick Up a Pen

Your government is a representation of you – working for the public to secure majority interests. Exercise your right and your power by expressing your voice in favor of individuals having the choice to use renewable energy. Don’t know what to say? Here’s a sample letter for you to use:

The Honorable [First] [Last]


Office Address

Office Address 2

[Title] [Last Name],

Amid a public health and economic crisis, it’s clear that Florida’s electric utilities should be doing a whole lot more to promote rooftop solar — a known job creator that keeps money in families’ pockets. Over 93% of Floridians support solar net metering. New data from the Washington Economics Group shows that the rooftop solar industry supports nearly 40,500 Florida jobs and provides a total economic impact of $18.3 billion.

Solar energy for the Sunshine State should be a no-brainer. Saving fresh water, reducing air pollution, and creating jobs, while also combating the threat of changing climate and rising seas, solar electric energy is a panacea for our state. Rooftop solar is about neighbors helping neighbors to power through whatever comes our way. As we face more intense hurricanes, Floridians need more tools – not fewer – in order to weather all the storms that are coming.

Thank you for fighting for the residents of Florida, the Sunshine State.



Check out to find contacts for each of your representatives by address.

Investigate Opposition

Can you imagine your money unknowingly going to the opposition of energy choices by the utility companies? Well, it does. The monopoly utility companies in the State of Florida have spent tens of thousands of dollars lining the pocketbooks of political campaigns and lobbying against rooftop solar – all in the name of competition, not public interest.

In 2022, the Miami Herald discovered that a newly developed, anonymous nonprofit gifted a political committee titled “Consumer for Energy Fairness” with $25,000. Coincidentally, that same committee funneled those same dollars to Ron DeSantis’ political campaign.

In 2019, it is reported that Florida Power & Light spent over $1 million on lobbying efforts.That money doesn’t fall from the sky (like renewable energy does). That money comes from the collection of monthly utility bills and rate hikes.

Sign the Petition

To seal the deal, add your name to the thousands who have signed the Solar bill of Rights. Our friends at Solar United Neighbors have created a petition of solar advocates who believe in the right to produce their own power.

Solcium Solar is committed to advocating for our industry, our partners, our customers and our colleagues. Join our fight for easy access to renewable energy for all! Interested in how you can become more involved? Reach out to us to learn more about solar:


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