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5 Illuminating Facts About Solar Energy

infographic listing 5 different solar energy facts in a variety of geometric shapes and colors

The Sun, the ultimate energy source in our solar system, is brimming with renewable energy, always available to be exploited. In the backdrop of skyrocketing energy costs, modern solar cell technology, with its irresistibly reduced cost and increased efficiency, makes going solar more sense than ever before. 

You might see the sun shining brightly from over the walls of your house every day. But we bet you did not know the following illuminating facts about solar energy. 

1) One hour of solar energy = energy demand of humanity for one year

Solar energy is the most abundantly found energy on this plant. In one hour sun produces 430 quintillion Joules of energy (430 with 18 zeros). Interestingly, the year-round energy use of all humans on this plant is just 410 quintillion Joules. 

With the sun shining bright on your solar panels, you will have a never-dying source of clean energy to power your house. With Solcium Solar’s custom built systems, your home’s specific needs are taken into consideration throughout the design – allowing you to maximize every drop of light.

2) Today’s solar energy cells are three times more efficient than before

The first solar cell was only 6% efficient. But according to National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), developers have increased modern solar cell efficiency to 15 to 20% today. 

But what does higher efficiency means for a consumer? More efficiency means more energy-capturing power of your solar panels and a higher electricity generation ability. 

Solcium Solar uses the industry’s leading panels with the newest technology, allowing for the optimal panel power backed by a 30-year warranty on all parts, labor and penetrations.

3) Even clouds can’t stop your solar panels from capturing sunlight

If you believe photovoltaic cells can only capture sunlight on sunny days, it is time to correct yourself. Even if solar panels don’t directly face sunlight— or it is cloudy out there—they can still capture the hues reflected from the sun. However, it is recommended to arrange solar panels in such a way to capture maximum sunlight by accounting for buildings, trees, and shades blocking the path of the sunbeams.   

Solcium Solar delivers on their promises. With their power production guarantee, if your panels do not produce what is quoted, Solcium will pay you the difference!

4) Solar panels are powering airplanes

Do you still think solar energy is just a hype created by solar companies and will die down in a few years? Think again because solar energy is now powering airplanes. Yes, it is true! If it weren’t, big companies wouldn’t be funneling in millions of dollars to develop solar-powered airplanes. And why should not they? The climate change crisis is already on us, and fossil-fuel-powered airplanes significantly cause air pollution.

The sky’s the limit on what solar power can do for you! Solcium is here to help your energy independence take off! 

5) The international space station is already powered by the sun

The space industry has always been a step ahead of the rest when it comes to future technology. The international space station is powered by the sun. Besides, think about it, how will you get the power while floating thousands of miles above the sun? 

There are whopping 33,000 solar cells on each wing of the International Space Station. Solar cells cover approximately 27,000 square feet of area with a total of 262,400 solar cells. This energy produced by these solar cells is enough to cover the vital functions and power the support systems. 

Solcium Solar’s educational approach and leading warranties are light-years ahead of the industry. We’re hear to help you on your solar mission, empowering you to make a decision based on your needs. 


Solar energy is a never-ending source. And the best thing is that it is everywhere, and there is no tax on using it either. The only thing you need is to develop infrastructure to capture this energy to power your house. Luckily, you have that, too, in the form of solar panels. So, what are you waiting for?  

Contact Solcium Solar for a free, no-hassle consultation on illuminating your home with solar power. We’re here to help spread the light on renewable energy. 


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