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Myth Buster: 5 Common Misconceptions About Solar

Infographic outlining 5 myths about solar energy

With the wide-spread of misinformation lately, it’s harder to find factual information that isn’t buried deep within personal opinions. While Solcium Solar may be biased to the amazing benefits of solar, it isn’t about us. 

We’re committed to offering unbiased education for Homeowners. In the end, if customers aren’t happy, then neither are we and knowledge is the key. So, Solcium Solar set out to bust the most common myths about solar. 

Here are five of the most common misconceptions about solar. 

Myth #1: Solar is Expensive

Bust:  While the total cost of a solar system can be high, a homeowner doesn’t have to put any money down. The monthly payments are typically the same as their average monthly utility bill, which is money thrown out the window with no return on investment. With a solar system, homeowners reinvest that monthly payment into the value of their property and avoid the average utility rate increase of at least 2% each year. 

Myth #2: Solar is Hard to Upkeep

Bust: We’re not sure where this one got started but once a system is installed, it is typically without any, or very minimal, maintenance needs for the life of the system. If homeowners experience any issues with the system, Solcium Solar’s warranty covers equipment for 30-years and offers active monitoring to ensure the system is running full-speed. 

Myth #3: Panels Aren’t Efficient for Long

Bust: Thanks to technology advancements, solar panels now have an impressive efficiency rating and Solcium Solar only uses the best on the market. For the majority of today’s panels, the degradation rating is 0.3-0.8% per year, meaning that a system performs well beyond 30 years. Luckily for Solcium Solar customers they are protected by the company’s power production guarantee. 

Myth #4: Solar Installations Damage Roofs

Bust: Well… can’t call this a complete bust because less-than-desirable solar companies have given the industry a bad wrap for not delivering quality installations 100% of the time. Solcium Solar stands behind their work with state of the art mounting systems that minimize penetrations and a team that is highly-trained to deliver top-notch installations each and every time. Solcium backs their promise with a 30-year warranty on all workmanship. 

Myth #5: Panels Only Produce When the Sun is Shining

Bust: This myth rains on solar panels’ day! Solar panels are engineered to absorb the sun’s energy through cloudy, rainy, or even snowy weather – not that Floridians have to worry about snow. While a bright, sunny day is ideal for the production of renewable energy, it is not necessary. Solcium’s solar panels are equipped with the latest technology that allows them to produce enough energy to offset your consumption on those rare dark days in the sunshine state.

After scheduling an unbiased, free educational consultation with Solcium Solar, homeowners will be armed and ready to bust all the misconceptions and myths surrounding renewable energy. Contact them today to find out more!


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