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Drone view of an Apoka Solar panel install on a home next to a lake
Solcium Solar is a trusted solar panel company serving Apopka and surrounding cities in Central Florida. Our professional team has over 15 years of solar experience installing solar panels, roof upgrades, and solar battery backups for homes and businesses in the area. Our headquarters is located in historic, Downtown Sanford.

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The Solcium Difference

The mission of Solcium Solar is to serve and elevate each other to positively impact our customers, community and world by being agents of change in the renewable industry through education and honest practices.

As a full-service in-house solar provider, we do not outsource our work to any contractors. This means a fast installation, with the best product for the best price in Apopka, guaranteed. Recently, Solcium Solar was awarded the “Best Large Business 2022” by the Seminole County Chamber of Commerce and is currently a finalist for GrowFL’s Companies to Watch!

Not sure how to compare solar companies? Check out what to ask when selecting a solar partner for more information on what sets Solcium apart from other solar installers in Apopka.

How Solar Energy Works in Apopka

The main component of solar technology are silicon photovoltaic (PV) cells. These photovoltaic cells are arranged as solar panels that are responsible for capturing and storing the energy obtained through the sun’s radiation during the daytime. Solar Inverters then convert that solar energy into electrical energy which is used to power your Apopka home. Solar energy provides the same power as your current electricity. Depending on the number of solar panels, and whether you use a solar battery backup, you can power your air conditioner, appliances, pool, spa, & water heater. Thanks to Apopka’s 241 days of average daily sunshine, you should be able to save a lot on your power bills. If you are not familiar with solar panels, Solcium is here to explain the products in detail so you have a better understanding of your investment.

Install Solar on Most Roof Types

With all the new construction in Apopka combined with the older homes that have been there for years, there are a variety of roof types, materials, and architectural styles in the area. Solcium Solar is familiar with these styles and has installed solar systems on almost all roof types including:

  • Shingle roofs
  • Tile roofs
  • Metal roofs
  • Flat roofs

No matter your roof type, rest assured that our knowledgeable, in-house solar installers will treat your roof with care to ensure no damage is done and to provide a quality install.

Need to replace your roof at the same time? No problem! Solcium can help you replace your roof and go solar, all under the same loan.

close up view of black solar panels installed by Solcium Solar on the roof of an Apopka, Florida home.

Benefits of Solar Power

The benefits of going solar go well beyond just generating power for your home. Some of the benefits to consider:

  • Power Bill Reduction: With the energy your solar panels produce, backed by our power production guarantee, you will drastically reduce your power bill and may eliminate it completely over time.
  • Environmentally-Friendly: Going Solar reduces the carbon-footprint by reducing the need for coal-powered power plants.
  • Increase Your Property Value: Installing Solar Panels will increase your home’s value by over 4% on average.


By installing solar panels on your Apopka home, you are instantly increasing your home’s value. With the average increase of 4.1%, homeowners in Apopka can add over $17k in value to their home based on the $430k average home price in Apopka according to Our solar team can go over all the cost and value comparisons during your initial consultation.

30 Year Solar System Warranty

Our Solar System Warranty is considered one of the best in Florida and across the United States. This solar warranty includes:

  • 30 Year Power Production Guarantee – your solar system will produce what we quoted, or we’ll pay the difference   
  • 30 Year Warranty on home roof penetrations, workmanship, solar equipment
  • One free removal / reinstall during the life of the solar panel system


Whether you are familiar with solar energy or just exploring the options for your Apopka home, Solcium Solar can provide you with the information you need to make the right decision for your investment.